Some tips on maintaining privacy and security post separation

Separation can be a difficult time. There can be many things you need to deal with which can be overwhelming. Privacy and security are issues that you should address as soon as possible. These issues are extremely important in matters involving family violence because the risk of violence is elevated during this time. Here are […]


Living together post-divorce

For many couples who are facing divorce, securing two separate homes might not always be financially possible – at least straight away. In these cases, the separating spouses must navigate this new living arrangement while no longer being in a relationship. Following the divorce process, family lawyers are aware that this difficult and emotionally draining […]


The impact of FIFO work commitments on your relationship

The fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) lifestyle certainly has its challenges, but the old opinion that FIFO families are more likely to face separation and divorce just isn’t true. Studies conducted focusing on the impact of this type of working life have found that married couples that have one spouse working away as a FIFO worker are […]


Parenting Arrangements for Easter

The smell of hot cross buns, the wonderful arrays of colourful Easter eggs, the blissful encounters with the fluffy Easter Bunny, and the excitement of Easter egg hunts are some of your children’s favourite things over the Easter break. It is a holiday that the children usually love and look forward to every year. Nonetheless, […]


Why Should we do a Financial Settlement now?

Many people separate and in the interests of remaining amicable work out some temporary arrangements and then wait and see what happens. Neither party get legal advice and they do what they think is sensible and practical and usually what works best for their family. “I don’t need legal advice, we can work through this […]

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