Protecting Your Business from Divorce

Nobody goes into marriage – or business – expecting it to end badly. However, if the Family Court determines your ex-partner had a material impact on growing your business you could be facing a large payout or worse. Divorce can have damaging effects for small business owners, especially if the separation comes unexpectedly some years […]


International Travel in a Separated Family

International travel can be a source of stress for separated families if one party does not consent to the trip. Even if your separation is amicable it is important you are prepared as a single parent travelling with your child. Getting a passport If your child does not currently have a passport both parents will […]


Who Gets What? Common Misconceptions

There are no universal rules for dividing assets after separation. In Australia the family law system is discretionary meaning despite what you may have read or heard it is not as simple as dividing property and financial assets 50/50. Property settlements aim to reflect what is fair for both parties. Reaching an agreement without the […]


Why It’s Worth the Effort to Keep Your Separation Amicable

Separation is not fun. Life as you know it may no longer exist, and your world can be turned upside down in an instant. Everything that was certain and stable suddenly looks quite different. Calm heads and logic are sometimes overtaken by emotions which can make a difficult process even longer and more arduous. The […]


Child Support Agreements: Are you paying too much?

Amendments to the Child Support Act (Assessment) 1989 came into effect on 1 July 2018. The amendments apply retrospectively, so affect both new Child Support Agreement and those entered into before the amendments came into effect. If you currently have a legally binding Child Support Agreement with your ex-partner, the amendments may have a major […]

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