Family Lawyers: Who’s Right For You?

Family law is a highly specialised field of legal practice most commonly dealing with divorce, separation and child custody cases. A skilled specialist family lawyer is also equipped to handle financial agreements, adoption, domestic violence, property settlements and more. Your lawyer should not only represent you with the utmost professionalism, but also be a confidant […]


Where to Turn After Domestic Violence

At Leach Legal we take a firm stance that all forms of domestic violence are unacceptable. Our Perth family law firm is dedicated to helping domestic abuse survivors navigate the often-intimidating Court system after separating from an abusive partner. We act for both men and women who have experienced domestic abuse. An experienced domestic violence […]


The Finances of Divorce

Separation proceedings are complicated, often with a lot of emotion weighing into agreements about asset division and financial transactions. As divorce lawyers in Perth we see every day how emotion can interfere with practical financial solutions. It is therefore our job to be in your corner fighting for what is fair and reasonable. Otherwise divorce […]


Property and Financial Settlement

When a relationship breaks down there are a lot of loose ends. There’s living arrangements, child support and parenting arrangements, and of course the division of property and assets. Property and financial settlement lawyers in Perth can help separating couples negotiate the muddy waters of “who gets what”. Even the friendliest separations require a proper […]


Children and Education

Going through a divorce or separation? Here is how a child custody lawyer in Perth can help you. We know it can be difficult for ex-partners to find common ground when it comes to major decisions. Your child’s best interests should be your top priority. Leach Legal are here to help, providing advice and support […]

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