How to Tell Your Lawyer That They’re Wrong!

After 25 years in law, I know how stressful divorce and separation is, and how demanding and time consuming the process can be. I also know that an organised, strategic and properly managed client case is usually going to be less expensive, less stressful and provide better outcomes for the client. I know from speaking […]


Keep Calm And Carry On… Managing Your Separation

The top 3 life stressors, according to the Holmes-Rahne Life Stressors Scale are: 1. Death of a spouse 2. Divorce; and 3. Marriage Separation. When you separate from your partner, there are so many things you need to think about from a practical, emotional and financial level, that it can become overwhelming. While it would […]


Magistrate Writes to the Children

A recent Family Court case has reached the news. In my many years of practise as a Family Lawyer, I have never had a Family Court Judge or Magistrate speak to the children or even see the children. In this case Magistrate Altobelli wrote a letter to the children, who were aged 10 and 6, […]


10 Top Tips for Separated Parents from a Perth Family Lawyer

Divorce is difficult, very difficult. And, in my 16 years as a Family Lawyer in Perth I have seen families devastated by divorce, but more often than not I see families that grow stronger as separate units. Leaving the past behind them and moving out of the conflict zone. Don’t beat yourself up if you […]


Top tips for when you first separate

Catherine here – Following is a guest blog from Samantha Baily, who joined my law firm Leach Legal recently. I hope to share her thoughts with you from time to time….. When a couple decide to separate it can be a very stressful and emotional time, and sometimes it is hard to see through the […]

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