New Family Violence Restraining Order for Western Australia

The WA Government is introducing a new type of restraining order later this year to specifically address violence that occurs within a family environment. The number of reported incidents in 2012 was 45,000, an increase of two and a half times in the last ten years. Attorney-General Michael Mischin said the Family Violence Restraining Order […]


Social media and separation

It started with chain emails and ICQ, progressed to MSN Messenger and has advanced to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Tinder to name but a few.  Electronic communication has assisted the practice of family law in countless ways, such as giving us immediate access to online research platforms and the ability to instantaneously communicate with […]


Living Under One Roof and Divorce

Did you know that you can still apply for a Divorce if you have been living under the one roof with your Husband or Wife since separation? Lots of couples continue to live under one roof after separation for many reasons, including for the benefit of the children or for financial and practical reasons. This […]


New Year’s Resolutions

It is very easy to become emotionally driven during family law settlements, particularly when our children are involved. Past behaviours and things said in the heat of the moment are often very hard to forget. Unfortunately, feelings of hurt and disappointment can sometimes stand in the way of a negotiated settlement. As we enter into […]


Sexually Transmitted Debt

What you need to know about separation, divorce and debt Debts, just like assets, are usually factored into a property settlement. Even if the debt is not in your name, and/or you did not know about it, it is likely to be part of the overall asset pool. If your ex does not “put the […]

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