Five Things Most Couples Miss When They Are Getting Divorced

Divorce and separation are life changing experiences and rate up there with death, getting married and changing jobs. It is no wonder that in the midst of stress and emotion, no matter how amicable your separation, that things get overlooked.   Here is a list of some important things that should be done, but sometimes get […]


Create Clear Child Focused Communication

We have recently discovered a fabulous child focused website which parents can subscribe to in order to assist them communicate with one another.  We discovered the website because a Judge from the Family Court of Western Australia recommended the website half way through one of our clients Trials. The website is called Our Family Wizard. […]


What you need to know when attending Court for a Family Law matter

The Basics Be prepared. If it is your first time appearing in court it may be helpful to attend a hearing beforehand so that you have an understanding of the process. Arrive early! Give yourself time to find the courtroom and discuss any outstanding matters with your lawyer before your matter is called on Always […]


Child Abuse Awareness in Australia

Basil Hanna, Chief Executive Officer at Parkerville Children and Youth Care, visited our offices on 12 June 2015 to create greater awareness of their work and the issue of child abuse in Australia.  Basil hopes that by continuing to generate awareness, he will encourage people to become advocates for their cause and share their vision […]


How to Get the Best Out of Your Lawyer

Separation and divorce can be particularly traumatic, and our role as Family Lawyers is to help you through this difficult time with as little stress as possible. Here are our top 5 ways that you can help us to help you: Tell your lawyer everything! Sometimes the things which you may consider irrelevant are very […]

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