11 Practical Tips for Newly Separated People

The period after the breakdown of a relationship is often a time of stress and turbulence. To help you to organise your matter before you come and see us after the Christmas break, please consider the following tips. Practical stuff 1. Take copies of all relevant financial documentation, including but not limited to: 1.1. Bank […]


Globalisation of Parenting Orders

In a world that is fast becoming international, global, an interconnected it’s not unreasonable to assume that some Family Court orders will need to operate in different places of the world. International cooperation between convention countries is covered under the Child Protection Convention of 1996. This Convention includes recognition and enforcement of protection measures – […]


The importance of Family Court Orders in your property settlement

So you have recently separated from your de facto partner, husband or wife. You sit down together and manage to come to an agreement about how your assets should be divided and who should be responsible for your liabilities. Things are going well. Now all that is left is completing the necessary transfer paperwork and […]


Should you look a gift horse in the mouth?

Over the course of a marriage, or even prior to, a couple may receive funds from their respective parents, often to assist them to purchase a house. The status of these monies may come into contention pending a property settlement as the Family Court treats gifts and loans differently and the difference can have an […]


Where will the children be at Christmas?

The Christmas period can be very difficult for the children of separated families particularly when their parents cannot agree on what arrangements are best for their children at the festive time of year. Many families do work it out for themselves, however, if parents cannot agree the Court will have to intervene and impose Orders […]

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