To disclose or not to disclose, where is the question?

Chapter 13 of Family Law Rules 2004 deals with the duty of disclosure. Pursuant to Rule 13.01, parties in family law negotiations are obliged to make full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances in a timely manner. The duty of disclosure is an ongoing duty. Parties must disclose all relevant documents and continue to […]


4 New Year Resolutions that will change your 2016

Happy belated New Year from all of us at Leach Legal. We have built a fantastic team and I have spent some time over the break thinking about how I can continue to grow and improve personally and professionally.   Working on the “Keep it Simple Stupid” principal, I have identified four things that I […]


Dealing with Children Post-Separation

Separation from a partner or spouse can be a traumatic and harrowing experience. It can be even more complicated when children are involved. Here are some tips to keep in mind following a separation, that may assist your children to cope: Ensure they have appropriate support: Sometimes they will want to talk to someone who […]


Grand Parents and Family Law Matters

The Family Law Act includes provisions that children have the right to spend time on a regular basis with, and communicate on a regular basis with, both their parents and other people significant to their care, welfare and development including grandparents. The Court is required to consider when determining what is in the best interests […]

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