Webinar Transcript: Your Top Family Law FAQ’s Answered!

When it comes to separation and divorce, the challenge is often not knowing where to begin. We understand that separation is a huge life changing decision to make and if you aren’t ready just yet, that is okay. Leach Legal is Perth’s leading Family Law firm dedicated to achieving Better Outcomes for clients. In this […]

Wills Perth

What You Need to Consider When Writing a Will in Perth

Wills Perth A 2018 survey showed that more than 50% of Western Australian adults do not have a Will. If you die without a Will in Perth, you have died ‘intestate’. The law provides for your estate to be divided in a certain way when you die intestate. Your estate is divided between your spouse […]

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Can My Inheritance be Claimed by My Ex-Partner?

Like most answers in law, the way the Family Court of Western Australia treats inheritance when determining a financial settlement is not “one size fits all” and will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. In some cases the inheritance may be included as part of the overall asset pool of the parties […]

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Preparing for your first meeting at Leach Legal

Preparation for your first meeting with us will ensure we provide cost-effective legal services and you understand the legal process in Australia. In the first consultation your divorce lawyer will ask several questions – some of them tough, some general – to establish a suitable approach. Put simply: the more information we have, the better […]

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