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Overseas Property – not necessarily out of reach

A recent decision in the Family Court in Melbourne demonstrates the power of the Australian Family Court to make orders about people who are not living in Australia, and about property that is not in Australia. A couple had spent 15 years living together and married but have never lived in Australia. The Wife an […]


Why does the date of separation matter?

Separation occurs when a marriage or relationship breaks down. The date of separation will be when either or both parties to the relationship: form an intention to separate; and act on that intention, usually by communicating to the other party that the relationship is over. Parties can be separated and still live under the same […]


Lottery wins and family law property settlements

The recent case of Elford [2016] FamCAFC 45 considered how lottery ticket prize money would be treated in a property settlement. In this case: 12 months into the 10 year relationship, the Husband won over $620,000 on a lottery ticket; He had been using the same numbers each week for some 8 years before the […]


Help, I Want a Divorce!

Many people I see have misconceptions regarding divorce. Often they do not know what is involved, or how divorce relates to financial matters and parenting. Obtaining a divorce can be a fairly straight forward process. This is generally the case when the application form is completed correctly, the circumstances are unambiguous, and both spouses co-operate. […]


5 Family Law Terms People Commonly Misuse

1. Guardianship Prior to 2006 parents were awarded either “sole guardianship” or “joint guardianship” of their children. The law changed in 2006 and this term was abolished and became “parental responsibility”. Both terms relate to decisions about a child that are major long term issues – such as education, religious and cultural upbringing, elective surgery […]

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