Catherine Leach Speaks with 7 News

Becoming a Legal Couple Australian laws move hard and fast when identifying two people as a legal couple. It’s imperative you understand where you stand, knowing the ins and outs of your partners past and current situation to ensure your financial freedom is secure. Catherine Leach speaks more on the topic to 7 News, and […]


Surveillance Devices and Secret Agents

Your name is Bond. James Bond. That might not be your real name. You’re a secret agent. A very, very secret agent. The family law negotiations have come to a stalemate. Your lawyer has told you that there is just not quite enough evidence to support your claims. You’ve had enough. No more Mr Nice […]


Does your Family Lawyer Understand You?

After working in Family Law for over 20 years I have come across many different types of relationships. My biggest challenge is to make sure I understand what has taken place and not to place “labels” on things. Many years ago I had a client who had just separated. The children were living in the […]


New Year’s Resolutions

It is very easy to become emotionally driven during family law settlements, particularly when our children are involved. Past behaviours and things said in the heat of the moment are often very hard to forget. Unfortunately, feelings of hurt and disappointment can sometimes stand in the way of a negotiated settlement. As we enter into […]

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