Sexually Transmitted Debt

What you need to know about separation, divorce and debt Debts, just like assets, are usually factored into a property settlement. Even if the debt is not in your name, and/or you did not know about it, it is likely to be part of the overall asset pool. If your ex does not “put the […]


Why Documents Matter in Family Law

Why Documents Matter in Family Law When a couple separate, they are usually asked to tell “their story”.   They individually tell friends, family, colleagues and professionals about their relationship, why it ended and what their expectations are moving forward. Amazingly, each person will tell a different “story”. These different stories can sometimes be very […]


Working with Documents? Things your Lawyer should tell you

You can spend a huge amount of money with your lawyer on providing documents to prove your case.  This is called disclosure. You are required to provide disclosure to the other side, whether you are negotiating, mediating or involved in Family Court proceedings. Your lawyer will tell you what documents you have to provide.  If […]


Documents are King in Property Settlement Negotiations

If you are anything like me, and like most people, your memory is not perfect. You may remember birthdays but forget how much you paid for a couch, or you may be really good with remembering when you moved into your first house, but you can’t remember which bank you got the loan from. That’s […]

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