Collaboration vs courtroom

Collaboration vs. Courtroom

There are a lot of incorrect assumptions when it comes to divorce and separation. One common misconception is that once you separate in order to finalise a property settlement you must go to court, this is entirely incorrect. It is only one method of dispute resolution but there are many others that are known as […]

harmonious christmas agreements leach legal perth

Harmonious Arrangements During Christmas

How do you make sure that you, your ex and your children still have an enjoyable and harmonious time over Christmas? Perhaps you don’t want to go through a Perth Child Custody Law Firm. When you are planning your Christmas, just remember that everything looks better in the D.A.W.N light: D – istract yourself with […]

divorce who gets what leach legal

Who Gets What?

Divorce is difficult for many reasons: hurt feelings, loss, adjustments to parental roles. However, don’t underestimate the strain of dividing property – both possessions and finances. Even if you feel that you don’t have much to divide, there may be a lot that you don’t consider. All of your household possessions, any money you have […]

lea blog image social media 2

Knowing the impacts of social media, technology & the internet

These days there are great risks associated with technology and the internet which may not even cross your mind following separation or when initiating Family Law proceedings. Social Media The impact of online media on your privacy and security may be part of the initial discussions your lawyer has with you to warn you about […]

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