Separating and Settling Amicably

Separating and Settling Amicably

So, you’ve made the difficult decision to split up. Whether you are ending a marriage or a de-facto relationship, breaking up is never easy and there is much to be sorted out. Every situation is different and you’ll want to get a good divorce lawyer or de-facto relationship lawyer in Perth to guide you through […]

Starting a new chapter

Starting a New Chapter

The presents are unwrapped, the Christmas tree is put away and you have somehow managed to survive the mayhem of the holiday season. Now, the New Year is upon you and reality sinks in once again. For many people the New Year is a time to reflect on their family and relationships and start a […]

But What About My Furbaby

But What About My Furbaby

Most people regard their pets as members of their family and love them unconditionally. Many people assume that if they separated from their spouse and there was a disagreement about who keeps the family pet, the Family Court of Western Australia would impose “custody” arrangements as they do for children’s matters. In making decisions about […]

Before your reach for your mobile phone

Before You Reach for Your Mobile Phone….

So, you are currently a party in proceedings before the Family Court of Western Australia.  The process has been very emotional and stressful and your relationship with your former partner is very strained.  You are doing your best to ensure the best for your children, but you have some real concerns about the behaviour of […]

Collaboration vs courtroom

Collaboration vs. Courtroom

There are a lot of incorrect assumptions when it comes to divorce and separation. One common misconception is that once you separate in order to finalise a property settlement you must go to court, this is entirely incorrect. It is only one method of dispute resolution but there are many others that are known as […]

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