The Five Most Common Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Although I am a Family Lawyer, and not a relationship counsellor, in the last 20 odd years I have seen thousands of people and listened to their stories about why their relationship ended and what has finally brought them to a Family Lawyer. No two separations are ever the same, but there are a few […]


Keep Calm And Carry On… Managing Your Separation

The top 3 life stressors, according to the Holmes-Rahne Life Stressors Scale are: 1. Death of a spouse 2. Divorce; and 3. Marriage Separation. When you separate from your partner, there are so many things you need to think about from a practical, emotional and financial level, that it can become overwhelming. While it would […]


Talking Marriage, Divorce and Myths with Undercurrent

I had an enjoyable chat with Nic Hayes from Undercurrent TV about some of the myths around the divorce process. Seeing a lawyer for your divorce is not about ending up in court, it’s about understanding the life changing process you’re about to go through and heading off in the right direction. My only advice… […]


Talking De Novo with Howard Sattler

I was recently on Howard Sattler’s program chatting about our De Novo Guide to amicable divorce. There are many people who would love to have an amicable divorce, but it does require the right approach from both parties. I strongly believe that good advice early on can set you off in the right direction and […]


Infidelity. Does it Change Things?

My clients often tell me why their marriage or relationship broke down. Frequently it is because they “grew apart” and hadn’t been happy for some time. Often it is because of clashes with family members, particularly the mother-in-laws (on both sides). Occasionally it is because one or both partners have been unfaithful. I have had […]

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