OMG! We can’t get divorced for how long?

A married couple can separate at any time however, they cannot apply for a divorce until they have been separated for twelve months. This does not mean that important decisions about property, money and children are left in limbo until the couple divorces. Whether the separating couple have been married or have lived in a […]


The Cardinal Sins of Family Law Matters

Going through a relationship breakdown is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Aside from the emotional turmoil that inevitably accompanies a relationship breakdown, you will find that EVERYONE is a family law expert- your friends, the internet and your family often provide [well-meaning] incorrect advice. Here are some very specific […]


Why does the date of separation matter?

Separation occurs when a marriage or relationship breaks down. The date of separation will be when either or both parties to the relationship: form an intention to separate; and act on that intention, usually by communicating to the other party that the relationship is over. Parties can be separated and still live under the same […]


The Ungodly Divorce

I recently met a man, let’s call him Ashton. Ashton asked me if Family Law had changed over the years. I told him that prior to 1975 there was “fault” divorce and that unless you could prove that someone had done the “wrong” thing, the Court would not approve the divorce. Adultery, cruelty and desertion […]


To disclose or not to disclose, where is the question?

Chapter 13 of Family Law Rules 2004 deals with the duty of disclosure. Pursuant to Rule 13.01, parties in family law negotiations are obliged to make full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances in a timely manner. The duty of disclosure is an ongoing duty. Parties must disclose all relevant documents and continue to […]

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