Child Support Obligations

Despite parties severing all ties after separation or divorce as parents they have an ongoing obligation to support their children financially until, in most cases, the child reaches 18. This obligation is governed by the Child Support (Assessment) Act, and administered by the Child Support Agency (CSA). Assessment Either parent or a non-parent carer can […]


Dealing with Children Post-Separation

Separation from a partner or spouse can be a traumatic and harrowing experience. It can be even more complicated when children are involved. Here are some tips to keep in mind following a separation, that may assist your children to cope: Ensure they have appropriate support: Sometimes they will want to talk to someone who […]


Globalisation of Parenting Orders

In a world that is fast becoming international, global, an interconnected it’s not unreasonable to assume that some Family Court orders will need to operate in different places of the world. International cooperation between convention countries is covered under the Child Protection Convention of 1996. This Convention includes recognition and enforcement of protection measures – […]


Where will the children be at Christmas?

The Christmas period can be very difficult for the children of separated families particularly when their parents cannot agree on what arrangements are best for their children at the festive time of year. Many families do work it out for themselves, however, if parents cannot agree the Court will have to intervene and impose Orders […]


Create Clear Child Focused Communication

We have recently discovered a fabulous child focused website which parents can subscribe to in order to assist them communicate with one another.  We discovered the website because a Judge from the Family Court of Western Australia recommended the website half way through one of our clients Trials. The website is called Our Family Wizard. […]

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