Is the Family Court Doomed?

According to a recent announcement by Attorney-General Christian Porter, the Family Court of Australia will be merged with the Federal Circuit to form the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCA).   This sweeping change will result in the two Courts being administered out of one Court rather than the two completely separate systems that […]

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What Are The Rights Of Grandparents?

Sometimes grandparents are stopped from having, or continuing, a relationship with their grandchildren because of a breakdown in their relationship with their own child or the child’s other parent, unfortunately if this occurs the grandparents do not have an automatic right to have a relationship with a grandchild. However, if your child and/or their partner […]


Your Child Support Options Explained

Child Support Agency The role of the Child Support Agency (CSA) is to administer a scheme which ensures that children receive adequate financial support from both parents following separation. The CSA can assist with calculating how much child support should be paid and, if necessary, facilitate the collection and transfer of child support payments. When […]


But we should share our children equally!

Separated or not, making decisions which affect your children can be a daunting experience. For separated parents, the Family Law Act 1975 and Family Court Act 1997 (WA) effectively provide that separated parents are equally responsible for making the major long-term decisions about their children’s lives, unless one parent can prove that the presumption of […]


Separation when pregnant

Separating when one party is pregnant presents some interesting legal and practical issues. What are the Father’s obligations? Can you commence proceedings for parenting orders? Can you stop the pregnant woman from relocating elsewhere? Who pays the medical costs? Spousal maintenance To apply for spousal maintenance, you must first be in a position to invoke […]

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