International Travel in a Separated Family

International travel can be a source of stress for separated families if one party does not consent to the trip. Even if your separation is amicable it is important you are prepared as a single parent travelling with your child. Getting a passport If your child does not currently have a passport both parents will […]


Child Support Agreements: Are you paying too much?

Amendments to the Child Support Act (Assessment) 1989 came into effect on 1 July 2018. The amendments apply retrospectively, so affect both new Child Support Agreement and those entered into before the amendments came into effect. If you currently have a legally binding Child Support Agreement with your ex-partner, the amendments may have a major […]


Let Them Speak: Give Your Child A Voice In Court

During a separation, it can be very easy to get wrapped up in negativity where the care of your child is concerned. These feelings during a child custody dispute are only natural. We can often become overly-emotional and forget how much the separation affects our child. It’s therefore imperative to provide children with the opportunity […]


Parenting Arrangements for Easter

The smell of hot cross buns, the wonderful arrays of colourful Easter eggs, the blissful encounters with the fluffy Easter Bunny, and the excitement of Easter egg hunts are some of your children’s favourite things over the Easter break. It is a holiday that the children usually love and look forward to every year. Nonetheless, […]


Maintain Back to School Routine After Holiday Divorce

Maintaining a school routine is difficult at the best of times for happily married or cohabiting couples. Throw a messy divorce, particularly one that has happened over the holidays, into the mix and it can be a recipe for disaster. Emotions are high and everyone is on edge, and the smallest thing can often kick […]

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