Children and Education

Going through a divorce or separation? Here is how a child custody lawyer in Perth can help you. We know it can be difficult for ex-partners to find common ground when it comes to major decisions. Your child’s best interests should be your top priority. Leach Legal are here to help, providing advice and support […]


Positive Parenting Post Separation

Separations are emotionally and physically draining at the best of times. When children are involved things can get more complicated; not only do you need to look out for yourself during the difficult transition but also your child. Both before and after separation it is important to be mindful of how the separation is affecting […]


Who Gets The Children On Father’s Day?

As Perth family lawyers, we often get asked about who gets the kids on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. With Father’s Day just around the corner again, now is a good time to start thinking about care arrangements that give your children the chance to share the day with Dad. There is no universal rule […]


International Travel in a Separated Family

International travel can be a source of stress for separated families if one party does not consent to the trip. Even if your separation is amicable it is important you are prepared as a single parent travelling with your child. Getting a passport If your child does not currently have a passport both parents will […]


Child Support Agreements: Are you paying too much?

Amendments to the Child Support Act (Assessment) 1989 came into effect on 1 July 2018. The amendments apply retrospectively, so affect both new Child Support Agreement and those entered into before the amendments came into effect. If you currently have a legally binding Child Support Agreement with your ex-partner, the amendments may have a major […]

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